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Abs pump g201

Gazzago Jul 15, 2012

  1. Gazzago

    Gazzago Member


    My 2004 tdi has come up with a dreaded abs fault. G201. The sensor in the abs pump. Very expensive job by Audi but can get the pump fixed for £200-300 I see.

    VW specialist in Oldham can do it for £350 I've seen on here fitted.

    Question is has anyone here done it DIY? If so do you need to code the replacement pump?

    I have a vw vag tool diagnostic (older version) not vag com that seems flexible but don't know my way around it very well yet.

    Need to sort it before mot in October so not in a rush..,yet lol.


  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    id try my luck at audi first. this is a VERY well know fault. even tho your cars 8 years old now its pure luck that its lasted this long. stand your ground and demand 100% parts and 50% labour contribution.

    failing audi.... its very possible to do this diy takes literally half an hour if you know what your doing and no need to recode anything as the ecu side of the abs pump doesnt need changing. think a new valve unit is around £280 from tps, will need bleeding up tho...... where are you based?
  3. Gazzago

    Gazzago Member

    Cheers mate

    Can't see Audi being interested. History is early Audi then indy, 99k miles.

    Thought it was just simply swap over and bleed so no big deal to change. I'm Lancaster area, north Lancashire.

    Anyone had any luck getting Audi to contribute with this age and lack of history from Audi?....

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