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ABS Pump errors, Recoding? Help please!

johal87 Jan 16, 2011

  1. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Hi guys, recentley had a problem with the 'BRAKES' flashing like mad in my DIS and the handbrake sign.. After a scan, guessed it was the ABS PUMP or ABS ECU.. I couldnt find the exactly part number, but I found a part from a 2005/54 2.0 TDI same as mine.

    I have since had the part fitted, warning lights reset, and theres no fault with the ABS now.....

    However, my traction control light is still displayed, and won't go off..

    On VCDS I have no traction faults at all..

    However there was a few faults to do with the ABS system, wrong coding?

    I will get the exact errors up in a little while, but has anybody else come across this?

    I can confirm my traction does not work, as in the damp, if I am abit heavy footed, the revs just climb and I go nowhere..

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