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Abs light on

shad Mar 19, 2008

  1. shad

    shad New Member

    Hi All.
    Great site you got here.

    The abs light on my a3 came on today and i am getting a spring sort of sound coming from behind the dashboard.I am also getting a knocking against the brake pedal every so often.
    Any advice as to the problem or what to do would be appreciated.
    It's a 97 plate 1.8se :shrug:
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Easiest thing would be to get the ECU read for fault codes. It will save the guesswork. When My light illuminated, it was just a duff front wheel sensor, though yours sounds a bit more interesting.

    The "spring" behind the dash sound is probably the EDL (electronic diff lock). Supposed to control wheelspin when pulling away at low speeds. Pretty much useless in my opinion. Anyway, I'm told it is normal to hear the sound sometimes.

    The knocking at the pedal is the ABS working as it should to control a loss in wheel traction when braking by removing and re-applying the brakes. However this should not happen when the ABS light is on as the system is disabled when an error is detected.
  3. shad

    shad New Member

    Thanks HTC.
    She is booked in for tomorrow at my bros garage.
    He has a snap on diagnostic machine.
    Hopefully it is something cheap/simple and not anything expensive.
    Mind you i would like to add that in the 5 years i have owned her i have never had to spend any money on her whatsoever apart from services,tax etc.
    Germany sure know how to build a car to last.
    I will post results as soon as i receive them.

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