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ABS Issue

Best84 May 28, 2012

  1. Best84

    Best84 Member

    I had the ESP and ABS lights on the dash. Turned out to be rear side right abs sensor fault.

    So promptly changed the sensor...lights still on after clearing. So decided to have a closer look and took the disc/caliper off.
    The rubber ring on the back of the hub has perished and is actually touching the sensor half the time.

    My question is can this ring be replaced independently or am i looking at a whole new hub??

    Am i right in thinking the spline i need for the hub is M18?

    and one last thing, can anybody direct me to an up to date ETKA, JMB seems to be down :(
  2. Best84

    Best84 Member

    Anyone? :(
  3. Best84

    Best84 Member

    As nobody could help, ill answer the main 2 questions just in case somebody else has the same issue.

    If the rubber ring is perished and blown out you do need to replace the entire hub. Bit of a pain as audi want £142 for the hub kit. I went to GSF and got one for £78.69 inc vat.

    The spline socket you need is indeed the M18. Took my the best part of 2 hours trying to find a shop that actually sells these in Birmingham. The set I got was the Laser 4939 which has splines ranging from M8-M18. I have been told that this is a VAG specialist set and was only £27 so not bad at all.

    In all it took around half hour and have no errors so all is good :)

    Still after ETKA though if somebody could direct me to an up to date one :p
  4. Gazzago

    Gazzago Member

    Cheers mate

    Good that you've added the answer.

    My abs sensor went, replaced it and still an intermittent fault code. Going to change the harness but also look at the ring!


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