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ABS fix, for those with the dreaded light on

JLA May 18, 2008

  1. JLA

    JLA Member

    I've been having intermitant faults with my ABS for a while now, and with my MOT due in a couple of weeks I needed to get it sorted so the light wasn't on on the dash.

    I checked all the usual stuff and wiggled a few fuses and this seemed to cure it for a while, so I assumed it was just a loose fuse. Then the light came back on again. I did a search on here which amongst other things said to have a look at the fuse in the group on top of the battery. It turn out to be slightly worse for wear, the holder was slightly melted and there was lots of white build up on the terminals.

    I went to the scrappy and picked up another unit with the intention of just straight swapping it, but they only had a mk4 Golf one, but at £3 is was worth the risk. They are different tho!

    It was a straight forward alteration to make it fit tho, requiring taking the new holder apart, a blank removing and one of the old terminals fitting in the new holder.

    Anyway, all done and dusted and its sorted it. No more ABS light :D

    Here are a couple of pics of the old holder...



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