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ABS fault - vag com - purley/croydon area

Dracoro Feb 18, 2007

  1. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member


    I have the red brake light flashing and the ABS light on. The error comes and goes, i.e. sometimes all is ok and ABS works ok when lights aren't on dash. When the light is on and if I press the left needle it says "Fault in ABS system, contact workshop". Heard it costs £45 for someone to diagnose. Surely I can get this done cheaper. I'm guessing that it's prob an ABS sensor? This started happening 2 days after having rear tyres replaced. Had a look but can't see anything amiss (was wondering if when they jacked it up they didlodged or pressed against sensor cables or something....

    Any help? If anyone has vag.com in the Purley/Croydon area that could help, some beer tokens or suchlike would defo be there for the taking :D

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