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ABS + ESP lights / engine consequences

kubiak1972 Oct 25, 2009

  1. kubiak1972

    kubiak1972 New Member

    Hi all

    Maybe this is not the right section for my post, I'll let the admin move it to the right place. Before all, Please excuse my English, this is not my mother language.


    This is the problem I encounter on my A6 2.5 TDi Tiptro (2002) 180 Hp.

    I sometimes have the ABS and ESP warning lights on when I drive. Those lights remain on for a few seconds then turn off.
    When they are on, I can't increase my speed : the engine speed increases, I see the RPM increasing, but the speed of the vehicle itself remains the same.
    If i decrease my speed, for example by braking or letting the speed going down and after that I try to accelerate, the speed won't rise.
    There I understand that the gearbox (tiptronic auto gearbox) regulates the different speeds, it probably receives and obeys an order not to increase the vehicle speed.

    I suspected an ABS sensor was the cause of this, so we connected the VAG.com

    unfortunately, there was no default code found on the ABS system. The only default was sent by the engine calc.
    It was the same for the gearbox, no default code but the one sent by the engine calc.

    so we had a look to the engine calc : one default code : G80 pin error.
    This means that my "pilot injector" is turning bad.

    But I can't find any explanation to the fact that I have no engine warning but only the ABS and ESP lights. I can't understand either why I have those "speed" regulations when the ABS and ESP lights are on.

    Anyone has an idea ? :shrug:

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