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About to sell my S4 - Whats it worth?

fatarnie May 6, 2005

  1. fatarnie

    fatarnie New Member

    I have an S4 - 2000 on an X plate, Recaros, Symphony & Bose in Volcano Black with alloy mirrors and aluminium trim inside. Its got full Audi SH and no accidents or finance.

    In addition to std bits,it also has Audi hidden towbar, a 330bhp MTM chip, Forge diverter valves, Miltek stainess exhaust etc etc. Oh and its got a Laser Jammer!

    Its done just over 60k miles, I got 172mph from it down the runway at RAF Brise Norton last year, and it is in good clean condition (no dents or scratches) so whats it worth?
  2. QuantumJohn

    QuantumJohn Member

    Sounds nice. It has some decent mods and by the sounds of it a desireable spec (Recaro's and bose).

    The biggest thing that will affect price though is whether it is an avant or saloon. Avant's are generally worth around 15% more than a saloon. Have a look over a month or so to get a good idea of how prices are.


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