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About to buy ABY Avant

Henrik Nov 25, 2004

  1. Henrik

    Henrik New Member

    So I found this S2 Avant.

    + RS2 transmission
    + 3.5" DP and 3" catback with race cat
    + Summer (17" Borbet) and winter (Stock 16" Avus) wheels
    + Some kind of chip rated at 280 apperently - currently with stock chip and DP though)
    + Pretty honest current owner (I'll get back to that!)
    + New brakes
    + New cambelt+waterpump+tensioner
    + No leather!
    + ACC
    + MOT and taxes (in swedish: Besiktigad (MOT) och (and) skattad (taxes paid) )

    - There is NO doubt that the milage is way too low on this car! It's been tampered with!
    - rpm tach comes and goes!
    - Servo pump is leaking (on hot days when engine is hot)
    - No seat heaters (not a problem!)

    Dark green met., black interior, power mirror, power windows, ACC... Turbo seems fine too.

    Now, I said he is pretty honest. He like spilled his guts about the car. But then again maybe he is screwing me around... Anyway, I haven't seen the car in the flesh yet. He had some potential buyers but they backed out due to the milage issue. Then again, maybe I should too? The car has got a good tranny though and he claims that the turbo seems fine. BTW, the car is 150miles from mom and dad... They are about 700miles from me. But I'm going home next weekend and I'll check it out then.

    In the end, it all comes down to he price. And the price is right. The price is 70000SEk, in euro that is like €7000 which is something like $7000. Prices here in Sweden on S2 ranges from €4000 to €12000, RS2's are about €15000 to €20000.

    Any opinions? I'll post pics tomorrow...
  2. S4Driver

    S4Driver New Member


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