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A8 whining noise scares me

LuxJetSplit Jun 29, 2013

  1. LuxJetSplit

    LuxJetSplit LuxJetSplit

    Hi Guys,

    I posted in the welcome forum and was advised to post here on the A8 specific forum.

    I am a new joiner to this forum and this is my first posting. Previously I followed the forum as a visitor and found it to be a fantastic source of information for the issues I had with my cars over the years.
    Recently I have searched the forum back to front to see if any of you guys had a similar problem to my current issue without any luck, or maybe I missed it.
    Anyway my problem is driving me nuts and I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give.

    My car: 2007 (D3) A8L 4.2 tdi with 178000km

    My problem is as follows:

    I have noticed in the last two months that I get a continuous whining noise that sounds like it's coming from my gearbox every time I go around one particular roundabout here in Luxembourg. Before I hit the roundabout there is nothing, but as soon as I am turning quite hard left the noise has arrived. The round about itself is a rather large three lane roundabout with 10 separate entry and exit points and my entry road has a slight down hill approach. The noise itself is a low whining noise and the reason I suspect the gearbox is the volume changes up and down thru the gearshifts. If I push hard down on the accelerator the whining increases and when I take my foot completely off the noise decreases accordingly. The strange part is when I stop the car and leave it for about an hour its all back to normal and I can only repeat this anomaly on this one big roundabout, other smaller ones are fine.

    I have found roads with right hand bends as sharp as the roundabout left I take in an attempt to repeat the problem in opposite but nothing happens. I purchased the car in March 2012 with 100000km from an Audi dealer and have performed two revisions in the last 15 months with the next revision due in about two weeks.I perform all maintenance with the Audi dealer. There are four brand new tires on the car and I had Audi perform the wheel alignment and tracking so it runs straight and true. The guys in the Audi garage are baffled by the problem and have asked Audi for help with no feedback so far.

    I would appreciate any help you guys can give, even wacky theories are welcome as I am starting to believe there are invisible gremlins living on the roundabout :)


  2. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    I assume the Wheel bearings and CV inner joints have been inspected?

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