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A8 Tech Manuals - recommendations for new owner?

Saturbo Sep 8, 2008

  1. Saturbo

    Saturbo New Member

    Hi there - new guy here!
    Just taken delivery of a '97 2.8 Sport and very happy with it.

    I would appreciate if anyone out there can recommend a good DIY manual that covers this car? I don't think a Haynes exists for this model (well I can't find one)

    Has anyone experience with the Bentley version? I have one for my '90 Saab 900S which is useful up to a point, but it is US specific and often the fueling and emissions section is not applicable in the UK models.

    I am very handy with the spanners etc so I'm not bothered how technical the language is.


    PS I'm in Aberdeen - any other users up this way?
  2. A8_Tony

    A8_Tony Member

    get yourself over to www.tyresmoke.net where you'll find loads of owners.

    Bentley manual seems to be the one that those choose, otherwise try and get hold of ETKA and ELSAWin :thumbsup:

    Oh, and follow the link in my sig for other '8 owners in your area :D

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