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A8 most common faults MMI and Air Compressor




    well my trusty A8 2006 4.2 tdi has just had the 2 most common faults together 1) the MMI not raise and lower smoothly and 2) the adaptive suspension air compressor failed but look fear not the fix was easy and not bank breaking.
    The MMI actuating motor has plastic gears and Audi know this is a big problem and are promising a updated part soon but meanwhile this screen can be locked in the up position.....
    The air compressor is a very expensive part from Audi dealers but there is a nice company in Holland that sells new units of the Wabco manufacture from £375-399 inclusive of shipping and depending on your actual model forum rules prevent me telling their name but look on Ebay...... fitment is a total doddle and this company even throw in a new relay too ....remove nearside front wheel and inner arch liner part remove nearside part of front bumper headlight stays in now you have all the access you need .....the relay a little harder as its under the N/S carpet....job done my car has done 86000 miles ..........next job I'm going to tackle is a transmission oil and filter change and plan to get another 86000 trouble free miles.

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