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A8 Alloys

dazzr1 Dec 4, 2005

  1. dazzr1

    dazzr1 New Member

    hi all, new to all this and need a bit help, i'm after a new / used set of wheels and tyres for my A8 and need pointing in the right direction, i'm after 17"'s or 18"'s
    do i need 235 45 18 tyres or 245 45 18 tyres?
    please help,
    dont really want to spend more than £600-£650
  2. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    You need to be careful replacing wheels. Just because the stud pattern is the same there are issues such as off-set to take into account.

    Paul Waterloo may have some info on his A8 site (www.audipages.com). This site does not have the forums etc, its just an essential place to know if you are running or thinking of running and 8.

    I will pm you some other sites that will prolly help...
  3. mas

    mas Member

    look at the rochford tyres site - they have a good fitment guide, covers size, offset, bolt pattern and bore.

    Off hand I think that you can use a6 and a4 wheels. smaller wheels might be a problem cos of fouling the calipers.

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