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A6 wheel size advice

cobes Aug 5, 2009

  1. cobes

    cobes New Member

    As I'm new to Audis I wanted some advice. Ive got an 04 A6 1.9TDI SE(not the new model the one before) it has original 17" rims.

    I want the car to sit a little lower but mainly the wheels to fill the arches. At the moment i am deciding between 18" rims and a 40mm drop from eichbach springs, or 19" with the 40mm drop. Or no drop at all if its going to really kill the ride quality.

    Will the combination of the drop and 19" rims kill the ride quality ?
    Will the 18s look too small on an A6?

    Decisions decisions any advice would be appreciated. If anyone has any pics of an A6 lowered on eibach springs with 18s or 19s it would be really appreciated.

  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Here's mine on 20's on a 50mm drop


    I'd recommend 19's as a compromise between looks and ride, 20's are harsh, but mine's very heavy and the suspension has little travel. but avoid coilovers as the ride is much harsher than springs.

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