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A6 Tdi 110BHP FWD Alpin Tuning Box

daver Sep 1, 2004

  1. daver

    daver New Member

    Hi all,

    Quick question just fitted an alpin tuning box to my car, should I notice a difference straight away or does it take a little time for the box to set itself up with the car? I removed the battery to clean out the drain holes so everything has reset. So does the box have to adjust what sort of time span does it normally take as I noticed my feul condumption was bad as sson as I drove it but got better as the on board computer started to settle after the reset.

    It also has three adjusting screws on it, does anyone know what they are for individually?

    thanks in advance


    ps I also took the oppurtunity to fit a k&n panel filter too

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