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  1. mr anderson1

    mr anderson1 New Member

    Can anyone help please? We have a 2007 2 litre, and the sat nav does not seem to work. It won't show any routes and we can't seem to be able to insert the disc that comes with it. The sat nav and CD changer are in the glove box. Any ideas please?
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    What do you mean you cannot insert the disk? does it go in and come out? or won't it go in at all?

    What does the disk say on it?
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2013
  3. mr anderson1

    mr anderson1 New Member

    It wont go in at all and its the disk we got with car audi sat nav cd ???? we have just bought this car and it has some issues thanks for reply cheers
  4. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Think your 2007 should be in the C6 4F Forum (we are all a bit older here)
    Is the sat nav dead or asking for the CD?
    Issues with the drives are normally damp related. It may be you already have a disc stuck inside?
    Does the drive 'spin up' (buzzing sound) when power applied.
    Other issues resolve around someone trying to crack the software to access special settings. That would require a dealer/expert reconfiguration.
    Firstly check for any evidence that someone has removed the glove box/trim such as damaged screw heads. If so start looking for loose connections.
    If you just acquired it I would be heading back to the person who took the money with an angry face....

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