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A6 Remedial work - Dealership ROCKS!

JimC64 Mar 10, 2010

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Hi all, as some of you may know I've had a few issues with my car, and recently 2 or 3 that needed attention after my recent MOT.

    The car went in today for anti roll bar bush replacement ( These done under warranty ) as highlighted during my FREE MOT.:icon_thumright:
    At the same time it was to have a parking sensor replaced due to one being faulty giving off inaccurate readings. This was ordered in and painted prior to fitting, only to find out that the actual Park aid control unit was at fault - This now ordered and requires another visit to rectify....under warranty
    As mentioned I had my rear light clusters replaced AGAIN under warranty ( this being the 9th set ) they've been sealed and hopefully this time will be ok!
    A few days ago I called the parts dept to ask that they order in the following parts......
    1 off wheel centre cap ( bloody Kwik fit twats!! ) broke off the chrome bezel
    2 off rear licence plate bulb holders ( I replaced the bulbs with LED's some time ago but because of the resistor the unit did not fit back as tight as it should allowing water ingress )
    All parts totalled approx£35
    These were issued F.O.C due to inconvenience factor as above:respekt:

    I also have 2 replacement LED's on order, bought new resistors today and hope to have these fitted in the next few days!

    As I entered the dealership I checked round my vehicle prior to entering the reception to check, as you do. I noticed that there was some lacquer peeling here n there....I had also noticed a few days ago when washing, but this just reminded me to discuss with them.
    Before I could even mention it the service receptionist advised me of the issue ( as they know I am quite fussy about my car ) and advised that as I had had it repainted with their bodyshop ( Glasgow Audi works at Hillington ) approx a year or so ago....due to a deer hitting me, that in all probability it would still be covered under Warranty and that they would take pics and check on my behalf!

    I was no more than 5 miles from the dealership when the bodyshop called.....UNBELIEVABLE service I'd say. I will be getting a call back tomorrow to arrange a viewing of the car to check prior to work being carried out, which of course, I'd expect anyway.

    All in all, top notch fabulous service. I really quite enjoyed the A4 2.0 tdi Sline with 1000 miles on it today too
    well chuffed!
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  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Update - Car going in on Friday for the Parking control module replacement as previously discussed, under warranty:icon_thumright:
    Just had my extended years warranty with breakdown cover thru the post, so I'm good for another year I guess!:icon_thumright:

    On a side note, Audi bodyshop contacted me earlier today and have booked me in for 6th April to respray my front bumper ( they did this around a year ago - ( lacquer peeling in a few small areas )...without seeing the vehicle they have agreed to do this under the 3 year paint warranty too:icon_thumright:

    Just replaced my licence plate bulb holders with the new LED's and they look the mutts nutts
    I'll be taking the wheels off the car in the next few weeks and redoing the calipers and hubs as the car will be going in to the detailers, hopefully in the next month or so for full paint correction to remove swirl marks / hologramming etc etc......

    Can't wait:jump::jump:

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