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A6 rear bumper lip required

A6FanUK Jun 18, 2007

  1. A6FanUK

    A6FanUK New Member

    Anyone know where to get the lower plastic trim piece that "finishes" the bottom of the rear bumper (saloon model)? I backed over a hidden tree stump, and ripped mine off! Fortunately no damage to the main bumper itself.

    Audi says it is not a separate piece. Well six screws says it is! Unfortunately that means Audi doesn't sell it separately, which means £200 for new rear bumper plus painting and fitting! It's only a 20 quid strip of grey plastic, about 4 inches high by about 4 foot wide. Part number is 4B5 807 379 N. Thanks.
  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    There loads on ebay mate

    just search for A6 rear bumper and start reading

  3. f8rdy

    f8rdy New Member

    just doing a clearout of my garage and searched on a part number and saw your post, ive got what i THINK you need, lower spoiler/lip, my part no is the same but P on end instead of N, not sure how much difference that makes, it has spaces for 2 exhausts on each side..... P and N could be to do with colour, this one is unpainted.... any good? Im in Cardiff but i can post it at cost....

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