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A6 Quattro Torsen Differential

Discussion in 'A6/S6/Allroad forum (C5 Chassis)' started by alex100a, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. alex100a

    alex100a New Member

    Mar 13, 2005
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    Whilst heading on holiday last week my car made a nice pop followed by a cloud off smoke whilst doing about 80mph down a dual carriageway.

    Apparently a hole has been blown through the Torsen Differential houisng part of the gearbox by a piece of the diff. According to Audi etc this means and entirely new/re-con gearbox (code EFC) costing atleast £2500+vat!

    My questions is can you have these Torsen Diffs repaired? If not has anyone got a ideas where I might be able to get a 2nd hand gearbox? I've tried most of the internet sites with no joy yet.

    Thanks in advance.


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