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A6 Quattro Questions

Stuart Piper Apr 12, 2013

  1. Stuart Piper

    Stuart Piper New Member

    Being new to Audi, I am curious to know a few things,
    so here goes.....

    Both my door mirror glass' look almost gold in colour. No damage, but I know with my Mercedes this could indicate that the anti dazzle fluid has leaked, is this the same as the Audi?

    What is the 'normal' operating temperature for the 4.2 V8? Both oil and water temps seem to run cool, possible thermostat but would like to know what it 'should' be reading?

  2. myth

    myth Member


    Audi uses a thermostat mounted on the back of the mirror to automatically heat them electrically when below certain temperature (some say below 5degrees celsius, some below 7). Looking gold like is nothing bad. They are just the way they are :)

    The normal running temperature is 90 degrees celsius. Anything less can indicate to only one problem: the thermostat.

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