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A6 Parking Sensors-please help

crispin Jun 5, 2006

  1. crispin

    crispin Member

    Hello everybody! I've just bought an S6 Avant which is an awsome car even though I spend alot of time filling it up. The rear parking sensors seem to have a life of there own. If I start the car up and put it into reverse straight away they beep constantly and turn off showing a fault. If I leave the car running for a few minutes the work fine. I've take the car to West London Audi who offer the worst service possible. Not only do they carry out bad work but they charge £130.00 per hr!!! I was wondering if anybody had experience of these, thanks in advance.
  2. n0m1secnerwal

    n0m1secnerwal Absolute Nutter

    Hi Crispin,

    I own a 1998 A6 and have experienced similar symptoms. Well, in that sometimes when I select reverse after starting up to manouvere on my drive the sensors beep like there's something in the way, even though there isn't!

    The last few times it's happened I've got out to have a look. First time it was a wet leaf stuck over a sensor. Second time it was a cat crossing the reversing path.

    Not much help to you, but just wanted to share, if only for amusement!

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