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A6 Parking Brake Woes

mattyn Mar 23, 2013

  1. mattyn

    mattyn Member

    I have endured a intermittant Electronic Parking Brake for the past few months, which really became serious last night, when it would not release at all, with the associated warning on the dash.
    So investigation this morning, with wheel off, lots of WD40 on the electrical plug on the rear of the inboard side of the rear left caliper, but with no success. I disconnected this plug, cleaned it, reconnected with no success. I pulled back the protective sheath of this plug and found one of the two wires was broken, and the exposed ends exceptionally dirty.
    It has been temporarily fixed with a small nail (I know) and a good clean of the wires to make the connection, and works ok at the moment - but what I want to know is -
    1. Now the brake is released on that side, if I disconnected the plug and left it dangling, would there be issues to the brake system |(the abs seems to work by the smaller electrical plug on the forward of the caliper)? Am i right in thinking only the parking brake is affected by this plug?
    2. The break in the wire is right under the sheath, and close to the plug - how easy is a fix on this?

    Thanks in advance

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