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A6 overheating problem

husky-boy Feb 20, 2010

  1. husky-boy

    husky-boy New Member

    Hi guys, first post

    This is my first Audi. Got her this morning. A6 Avant 2002. On the way home she shouted that she was getting hot, temp gauge was sitting at 115c! Slowing to 50 the temp dropped to 100-110c. Sitting at idle it will drop it to around the 90c mark. Only cold air from the heaters unless im moving. The faster i go the hotter the air. :confused: The front fans are both working, the expansion tank is full of water and doesnt feel hot. Also the big top hose doesnt feel hot either. :confused:

    Any help greatly appreciated of course
  2. A6Ian

    A6Ian New Member

    Which engine?

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