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A6 Overheating 1.8T

karlw1 Jun 20, 2005

  1. karlw1

    karlw1 New Member

    Hi dudes,

    for some reason I don't get any posts to my questions, So here goes another question !

    I posted a question about adjusting the water pump belt.. Well it cannot be adjusted it has to be fitted by removing the three bolts that hold the pulley on then put one bolt back in and then putting the belt on !

    Still my A6 is over heating I have just changed the thermostat that is located in the water pump housing !.. We will see if that cures the problem.. It is not the viscous fan unit as I have just ripped that out and put in a 14" fan unit from Kenlow.. What a cool kit...
    Any way the symptoms are..
    Idleing the car does not over heat.. As soon as you put power to the engine the temp goes up my fan system kicks in . the temp still goes up..

    If you touch the hoses they are hot, yet the expansion tank is not....
    If you open the expansion tank you see allot of bubling and it fills backup and the rad fan kicks in again !

    Werid hey...
    THere is no signs of water in the oil or oil in the coolent

    Any idea's ?

    Thanks Jez
    Hopefully this might get a post or two !
  2. karlw1

    karlw1 New Member

    Well I found my answer on another forum !

    It was the waterpump !
  3. Guest

    My 1999 1.8 T A6 also had an overheating problem. At idle and low revs everything was fine but if you worked the engine hard the temp gauge would go into the red. I thought it was the thermostat sticking. I got it fixed under warranty ( I had just bought the car as an used approved audi). Turns out the impeller on the water pump was cracked so at high revs it wasn't able to generate enough pressure to pump the coolant fast enough. Turns out the impeller is made of plastic whereas in older Audis they are metal ( I know cause i just changed the water pump in our 1993 Audi 80). The dealership had to change the timing belt to change the pump. It cost 500 Euro ( i live in Ireland) but the warranty paid for it.
    Hope this helps

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