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A6 MFSW to FBMFSW instructions (How to)

Cockney Boy Nov 22, 2009

  1. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    I have just completed the retrofit of my A6 4F standard MFSW to the FBMFSW, but i have also created a technical document that shows how my wiring looms differed and what pins i had to move to make sure the new FBMFSW worked with my existing Slip ring connector.

    As stated in the application notes, this is there as a guide and not set in stone, even though the upgrade was easy, i strongly recommend you make sure you have the experience and have done your homework before performing this mod.

  2. brian.n

    brian.n Member

    wow cool mod, would love to do this, it that a tt steering wheel? is there much involved in removing the wheel itself? does the new wheel retain all the functionality of the old wheel.
    mine is the s line 2006 mfsw ..

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