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A6 LED retrofit installed!

Von Maximo Dec 15, 2007

  1. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    Heavy frost with sleet last night...lol!

    It is a little worrying but had a good chat with Lee (Von Maximo) who had already done the mod, The wiring was pretty straight forward compared to the rest (Re aligning washer bottle and fitting horn upside down to creae the space behind the bumber on the off side) Hope to get this fog warning on DIS sorted today and inplace tomorrow.

    Go for it, even try stricking a deal with an ICE specialist, they know a fair bit about fabrication and also the electrics too. ICE Design in Bristol were more than happy to assit with this fit as the car was in with them for new front component speakers and to have the parcel shelf retrimed. As you can see they have done a fantastic job and are now looking at doing the some on their Audi show car.

    The fog warning issue will hopefully be sorted tomorrow. Also looking at overiding the dim facility so when full beam is on the go back to their brightest!
  2. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member


    I live in both leeds and london, so no not really which is a shame.

    A good guide of how to do the wiring would be very helpful. Do i need to buy the wiring kit of just the drls?
  3. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Probably not something I would do, but hats off guys, really neat looking mod, amost looks OEM.:icon_thumright:
  4. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    Just the DRLS and a pulse width modulator no loom as such required.

    We ran isulated cables and took feeds from the fogs and both dipped and full headlights.

    The Pulse Width Modulator gives you much more control and allows you to dim the DRLs at night (when headlights are on).

    The way i have mine set up is so that on side lights i can turn the DRLS on full using the front fog switch, then when i go to dipped headlights the DRLS Dim for night time driving as they are so bright and would dazzle oncoming traffic.

    When i switch to full beam or flash headlights DRLs come on full once again for max effect and brightness.

    The DRLs will also come on by going straight to dipped headlights without pulling the front fog switch out! I hope that makes sense if not i could email you some pictures of how they look when switched in different ways!

    The bumper will be coming off again tomorrow to insert a relay to prevent right and left fog lamp out warning showing on DIS so will take some more pictures of the wiring. Like Lee i have mounted the PWM between the battery and air filter box.

    The only other thing i have done is fit some Phillips Blue Vision side and dipped headlights to give a much whiter light. I did have high powered rally 80w H7s for dipped so just had to compromise on brightness and colour of light when switching down to the lower powered Blue Vision H7s.

    Hope that helps
  5. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    Trying to get the DIS not to read as bulb out!

    Today - thought we would try a relay but with no joy - Plan B resistors! after working out what what was needed and a trip to RS a couple of resistors were purchased and fitted. Initially no problem.... until they got hot, then hotter and then......pop!

    All prooving to be a bit of a nightmare so Plan C, Disable front fogs with VAG COM and Wire DRLS into side lights so at least they can be turned off - Job done.

    Also using pin 5 on the PWM we have overidden the dim facility so now when lights are turned from Dip to full beam DRLs go from Dim to Bright and also light when you give a warning flash!

    Not sure if there is another way around using the front fog switch to turn them on or off!

    Thanks to the Guys at ice design in bristol for assisting with this mod!
  6. Pat J

    Pat J Getting there

    Sorry to drag up an old thread but I'd like to know what type of pulse width modulator I would need and if I can get one from the uk. I looked at the link to the german site but my german isn't brilliant so not sure what I needed to order.
    I am going to wire my drl's up to a live feed from the ignition but need the pwm so that when I switch my lights on (dip beam) the drl's dim.

    All advice and help appreciated.

    Pat J.:cool:
  7. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

  8. J.R.

    J.R. "Started From The Bottom" VCDS Map User

  9. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    The DRL lights are from an S6. Don't see any reason why the PWM unit wouldn't work on an A3 too if you fitted the S6 lights. Fire off an email and see what they have to say.

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