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A6 hazard switch / relay constant ticking noise

Damianevs Mar 16, 2011

  1. Damianevs

    Damianevs New Member

    Help!!! I have bought my fourth hazard unit due to a constant ticking noise (same as the 'tell-tale' noise that happens when you indicate) but every time I put the replacement one in there is a intermittent buzzing sound and sometimes a quieter ticking.

    I thought this was because I had bought the replacements from Ebay and a local spares supplier but when I put the new one in from the main dealer today the same problem occurs.........anyone have any ideas?

    Part numbers are: 4BO 941 509K B98 which replaces both

    4BO 941 509C
    4BO 941 509D

    Many thanks.

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