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A6 Facelift C6

MoAudi1.8T Mar 18, 2011

  1. MoAudi1.8T

    MoAudi1.8T Member

    Hi there guys,,

    Iv been looking at an a6 to get for my old man but im undecided yet as to whether to get the saloon or the avant. atm my dads driving a seven seater and the extra space when the seats are folded down comes to handy so was leaning towards the avant, but the avant didnt seem to get much of a facelift than the saloon did.

    what parts were actually altered at the rear of the saloon as the lights are completely different whereas the avants were given same shape tail-lights but as LED; and obviously both were given facelifted front ends, so how has the saloon changed?

    many thanks ppl :)
  2. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    In terms of the facelift I think the only difference between the saloon and the avant was that whilst both got LED rear lights as standard the saloon's ones were significantly different mimicking the Avant with part on the wing and part on the boot lid. Having had a C5 saloon and currently a C6 Avant (facelift version) I would go for the Avant everytime, especially if your Dad is used to a 7 seater

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