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A6 DIS playing up - trip function missing

CaseyJay Mar 17, 2014

  1. CaseyJay

    CaseyJay New Member

    I recently installed a Concert III into my 2002 C5 to get mp3 and I expected not everything would function properly (although the sound quality is excellent, radio reception better and Aux-in is a real bonus)....

    My DIS is now a bit loopy, even if I swap back for the original Symphony II.

    • constant orange flashing error (either bulb or screenwash or both) even though neither are at fault
    • trip functions not operable from stalk - only see miles to empty
    I have had some VCDS data/canbus errors so wonder if it's a damaged cable? Does the DIS need the stereo connected to work? appreciate any tips...
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Did you recode the DIS to work with the new head unit?
  3. CaseyJay

    CaseyJay New Member

    had to go back and check, reinstalled some connectors and DIS is back fully functioning.

    All I need now is to see if Concert II+ will fully communicate with the C5 (some say it won't) - I have lights on, turn off when key removed, volume control, display on DIS (RDS, CD track, Aux) but no FFWD/REV or Up/Down - so part of the Canbus is working. I can live with that but want to connect my Dension GW Pro BT, which needs the Mode function on the MFSW, but not clear on the coding.

    In #56 I have the radio coded for ConcertII+ (7 digits, as the 5 digits for SymII were rejected)
    0310221 - same as for a B6/B7 avant

    In #16 I have the C5 coding for MFSW

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