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A6 centre console

the gaffer Mar 14, 2007

  1. the gaffer

    the gaffer New Member

    Morning, I have 1999 A6 and I need to get the center console side panel off as I have hands free control box behind it that I need to get make and model from. Ive noticed that there is small bolt behind a small panel, anything else I need to know before i start..:readit:

  2. jimp

    jimp New Member

    Is there not another screw down the side of the front seats...?
  3. matt_o121

    matt_o121 2.8Q

    the side par to the centre console is a larger part than that!

    to remove you will need to start by removing the radio and surround and unscrew and pullo forward the heater control.

    unscrew the gear knob and pull up the trim around the gear lever.

    you will see two further bolts at this point in front of the handbrake.

    you need to remove the trim around the hazard light switch and you will see two further bolts there. all 8mm so far..

    you will need to remove the rear seat heater vent from the center console and the storage box between the front seats along with the arm rest if you have one.

    there is a 13mm bolt where the vent was and another 8mm bolt under the tray.

    you need to remove the mirror switch.

    with all of these removed you can remove the centre console and
    disconnect it from the handbrake.

    now the centre console around the radio will come out, there are a few more steps but in a nut shell thats it.

    it may be earier to remove the glove box - 6 bolts in total and the box comes out this will give more access to the area of the side panel and may give you access to the box without going to this extreme!

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