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A6 (C6) BOSE help needed

android May 9, 2010

  1. android

    android New Member

    Guys, I just bought a used A6 3.2FSI avant and want to upgrade the sound system. MY C5 allroad prior to this car had a bose system and sounded much better:banghead:.

    I've trailed throuhg quite a few threads but could not find much on the latest A6. The current system in the car has an amp and 13 speakers (i think) and so does the bose. To fit the speakers will probably be reasonalby straight forward if i just want to run it off the amp that is currently in the car but that will obviously not provide all the benefits.

    does anyone know if the wiring of the amps are reasonably similar or will it require an entire wiring rework....

    any other suggestions on getting better sound out of the audio system (have MMI with Nav)


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