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A6 C5 towing eye size?

Paul1982 Oct 9, 2011

  1. Paul1982

    Paul1982 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Had a moment of madness yesterday and put unleaded in my diesel allroad yesterday :-(
    So after half a mile she stalled and failed. I immediately knew what I did.
    I pulled over waiting for a mate to tow me away but I couldn't find my towing eye. I borrowed one from a 56 plate a4 but the thread is slightly too narrow.

    Does anyone know what size I need?

    Plus will there be any more damage other than a fuel file and bleeding the system?

  2. Rza

    Rza New Member

    i have a towing eye of an a6 you can have for £8 deliverd if your intrested, I think its worse the other way round some drain and some new fuel should sort it hope this helps

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