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A6 C5 Steering Rack leak

HerefordQuattro Sep 10, 2012

  1. Evening girls and boys,

    Had a bit of a groan coming from steering for last few weeks which i thought was worn ball joints etc but turns out it's a power steering leak.

    Noise was horendous and steering heavy so topped up with mineral oil which fixed it until i took it for a spin and noticed the oil pouring out of the N/S track rod end boot!

    The outer end of boot has split and come away from the clip but I pressume this was just disguising the leak from within, the only place this oil could be coming from is the end of rack seal... yes??

    If so is it possible to change these seals? with the rack in situ?

    If it's a replacement rack job are there any recomendations for sourcing part (new / recon) and any tips for removal fitting? (i have elsawin distructions)

    cheers chaps

  2. Alski2009

    Alski2009 Member

    Gutted to hear your steering rack needs changing. Although i haven't changed this on my C5, having spoken to people who have, this is a nightmare job.

    Some poor fella is facing the same hardships on Audizine Steering Rack 3rd Bolt (from underneath)?

  3. I know it's going to be a tough job but i'm more worried about the price, Audi quoted me £777 retail and £637 to me!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone know if it's possible to just replace the seals???
  5. Rack out what a job!!!! all in about 8 hours spread out over the weekend.
    Totaly destroyed the N/S heat shield getting to the last bolt so going to have to bodge some exhaust wrap round the cat/turbo pipe as no way i can get the shield back on (it's fubar)

    Local factor can get a recon rack in for £250 exchange but it's an "XL" anyone had dealings with this brand?
  6. the plot thickens, ordered the reman rack from local partco and it turned up the next day but was the wrong one (5 options against my chassis number!) anyway the 1 i actually need isn't available so they're sending my rack away to be reman'd and should get ti back in 5-8 days!
    Good job My mum's in spain for 6 weeks and i've got her car to get by.

    Decided to do all the front control arms while it's off the road and up in the air and will need aligning after anyway, wish me luck
  7. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Luck Wished.......luxury of A6 ownership.....new windscreen today (£75).... and a water issue I will post shortly...
    Any pics of the rack removal?

    Just in case you know...MoT in 2 weeks...
  8. Taken a few pics and will try and post up if i get time, ps it's a tw#t of a job to do ;-)
  9. Whats the part number of your rack ?! I may have one.
  10. OE number is 4B2 422 066E later superseded by 4B2 422 052 FX according to the audi parts man.

    Koyo/SMI rack with intergarted steering damper (no external damper bracket), it's off being remanufactured hopefully as not heard anything back...
  11. FFS got the reman rack back today and it looks like my original rack but some tool has put an external damper bracket on the end and i won't know why till the morning.:banghead:

    And i wish i'd never started the control arm job, that fecking top pinch bolt is an absolute NIGHTMARE, the drivers side came out with just a few big taps with a drift but the O/S is now locked solid it may as well be welded in, i've tried SDS drill, propane torch, lump hammer and the SOB ain't coming out.

    May have to take the bloody upright off to get it out - is it possible to remove driveshaft nut withought wheel on? (i.e just using brakes and supporting knuckle on a jack? :scared2:
  12. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member


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