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A6 C5 Audio System - Suggestions?

Sam1909 Feb 21, 2010

  1. Sam1909

    Sam1909 A6 2.5TDi

    Hi, Looking for some help from the audio experts.
    In my A6 I have a double-din type 'symphony' radio system (tape, single CD, etc).

    Has anyone any ideas on what I could put in the car to upgrade things a bit? I've been looking at loads of double-din systems but I'm finding it very hard to get something to match what I want, especially to match in with the reddy-orange that the C5 dash is done in.

    Basically I'm looking:
    Bluetooth for the phone
    USB port
    MP3 compatable
    Is there a surround available to fit one in the car?

    Not interested in sat nav or DVD or anything, although touchscreen would be nice but not vital.


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