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A6 C5 airbag controller unit replacement

JohnG60 Jun 15, 2012

  1. JohnG60

    JohnG60 New Member

    I wonder if anyone can help.

    MOT is due and the new rules now cover warning lights.

    My airbag light has been on for the past two years - faulty controller unit was diagnosed after the car was in storage for a couple of years and the light came on when I put on a new battery.

    Cost new from Audi is £480 however they gave me two part numbers for the car. 4BO 959 655 G or the same number ending with an E. They can't tell me which one it is until I remove the old unit and check the part No and it's a bit of a pain to take all the center trim off to get to it just to identify the number.

    I can get a second hand one on e-bay or around the £100 mark. Does anyone know if the two part numbers are interchangeable ?

    Many thanks.

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