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A6 C5 2.5tdi Won't Rev past 2200rpm

HerefordQuattro Mar 26, 2012

  1. Bit of a strange intermitent 1 this, last week I noticed the speedo going nuts then it stopped working all together on way to work, took it back out at lunch time and the speedo was working but it had developed an evil missfire / stutter at approx 2200rpm in 3rd gear under load but would rev cleanly in neutral parked up. Drove home the same day and it ran fine!!

    Well this weekend the missfire was back and then followed by speedo not working, speedo working now but still struggling to rev past 2200rpm.

    Pressume these 2 issues are related? any ideas chaps?

    have done vcds and ony got needlelift sensor fault which i've had for a year so not related.

    I did take the lid of ecu box 2 weeks ago to change wiper linkage so wondering if something has been disturbed?
  2. Well decided to change the fuel filter tonight - what a fecking disaster...

    got it apart all changed, filled the new filter with clean diesel, fired first time then died. cranked and cranked and cranked till battery flat still no fuel getting through, opened the injector pipes to try and purge air but still nothing so decided to take return pipe off to try and 'suck' some fuel through and then the regulator valve snapped off!!!!!!!!!! 20min job turned into hours and now no car.

    Hopefully be able to get new regulator tomorrow (anywhere apart from dealers?)

    any more tips for getting the air out and diesel through?
  3. Dealer hasn't got it in stock arggghh. he can get it for tomorrow but wants £27.84 inc vat which is a bit steep considering i know the parts man - any thoughts on a "Hans Pries" copy from egay for £10?
  4. I love having a conversation with myself!
    After 3 nights of ****ing about trying to bleed the pump followed by charging the battery and trying again and then charging the battery some more she's finally running!
    In the end I rigged up my old astra gte fuel pump to the vp44 return pipe and pulled through 3 jam jars of diesel and a lot of air, then with the aid of a can of easy start and lots of cranking it coughed into life!
    Not doing that again in a hurry.
    Hope the missfire is sorted but as it was random I'll reserve judgment on that
  5. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    sounds like youve had fun then?

    get that needle motion sensor injector changed.
  6. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Next time tow the damned thing ! Saves the stress on battery and starter...
  7. I should but they're £300 from dealers and I need new tires more urgently unless anyone has a good second hand one worth trying?
  8. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    have you physically checked the resistance thru the needle motion sensor with the multimeter? the two pin plug mounted on the baulkhead near the fuel filter.
  9. I'm sure I did when I first saw the code a year ago. Remind me what I'm testing for?
  10. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    with it unplugged you should have around 100 ohms resistance thru the injector sensor.

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