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A6 C5 2.5TDi How easy/hard is the compressor to get to

rich dj Aug 23, 2011

  1. rich dj

    rich dj Active Member

    I have just changed the turbo on my A6 as it died and now the compressor is intermittent and has gradually stopped working, when it was working it gets ice cold, my garage have told me the compressor is faulty and there was plenty of gas in the system but the compressor wasn't pressurizing it.
    done a bit of research on the net and talk of the clutch working (which apparently it is) but a spline inside wears which doesn't surprise me as i had a clicking noise from the engine and relay in the climate control unit which turned out to be a short in the compressor feed cable which ment that the compressor must have clicking in and out a lot and may have helped the ware.
    So i was wondering what kind of a job is involved in compressor removal and refitting, as i was going to get it de gased and then do the job and then get it re gased.

    I can get a replacement new compressor for about £230 and then there is the de gas and re gas price on top of that,
    ive been quoted aprox £500 for the garage to do the whole job.

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