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A6 C5 2.5tdi Battery change

HerefordQuattro Nov 29, 2010

  1. Good morning guys and gals, well as expected with this mild :cold:weather the old girl is struggling to start in the morning, turns over quite slowly and the voltmeter on the dash drops right down to 8v, it does finally catch but not for long I suspect.
    Borrowed the old mans flash new CTEK charger/conditioner last night but this morning the led's were flashing indicating a problem with the battery:ohmy:.

    Guess I'm going to have to get a new 1 later today but are there any tips or tricks for removing etc?

    Do I need radio code?
    will I need to reset any other electrical devices?
    how do i physically remove it? scuttle cover off and a clamp on the battery?

    all comments welcome:detective2:
  2. a6george

    a6george Member

    Changed mine a couple of months ago, and for a battery change it is a pain, you will need radio code and also have to reset your clock ect, open bonnet, remove rubber seal along front of scuttle tray, pull tray towards yourself to remove, if you have a harness running along the front edge of the scuttle bulkhead i lifted this up and forward out of the way (was just about enough play), remove battery wires, remove retension clamp fully from car. then lift battery out, mine was a tight squeeze and had to be tipped forward to clear the rear scuttle, fit new one, radio code and set clock. big battery i found it easier to get second person to help lift in and out.
  3. sh1t no radio code - can't find it anywhere in the handbook folder, any clues, can i get code from dealer...
  4. right disconnected the battery and then reconnected it a few minutes later and the radio seems to work so hoping that won't be a problem.

    bigger issue is the battery i've been supplied is physically bigger than the old 1, is there any adjustment on the brackets?

    also how do you get the cable trunking out the way because i don't think the battery is going to squeeze past it.

    how difficult could you make it to change a fecking battery:banghead:
  5. a6george

    a6george Member

    No adjustment that i know of, the harness is clipped to the bulkhead its a bit tight but you can lift it out of the way, and i dont know of a more difficult one to change, which is why i started by saying its a pain the rest of what i wanted to say would get me banned lol
  6. Just a quick update:

    Got the right battery in the end, there are 2 different physical sizes listed for my car, the 1 for mine was 175Wx175Hx315mm NOT 175Wx190Hx353mm I was supplied (check yours first as the wrong 1 really won't fit it's that tight):banghead:
    Managed to lift the cable trunking up a bit to squeeze the battery out and the radio was fine in the end as internal memory held the code for an hour or so.

    While i had the battery out i removed the battery tray as well and then cleaned out all the gunk from the drain grommets (full of sludge and sycamore seeds:puke:) so the puddle has now gone and the screen doesn't mist quite as much. :thumbsup:(remember there's 2 grommets, 1 you can see and another hidden behind the brake servo);)
  7. Andy1963

    Andy1963 New Member

    I've had the same problem,all the car battery websites including Halfords only show the larger footprint Battery,even my local motor factors only listed this. Mine after i got it out to change was the smaller one. The larger one does fit if you mod the battery tray and brackets but only just.

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