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A6 C5 2.5tdi Alternator

HerefordQuattro Jul 26, 2012

  1. My alternator is knackered, battery light flickered on and off for a day and now have solid light and not charging.

    Been to the Stealers and friendly parts man has quoted me £242 for a 059 903 015 GX, I'm still unsure if this is the right alternator for mine as he said it was a valeo but this number is for a bosch?

    anyway only way to be sure is to strip the front end down and get the bust one out, when i do get to it is there any worth while upgrades known to fit i.e 140amp from 3.0tdi that fits etc?

    also what's the chances of reconditioning it myself, assume it will be voltage regulator and or brushes are these available.

    open to all advice thanks chaps
  2. rickymeira

    rickymeira New Member

    hi i got a audi allroad 2.5 tdi 180bhp year 2001 and my alternator is 140amps and is BOSCH you can get one from ANDREW PAGE for £140.
  3. thanks, but i got a reconditioned 1 for £150 from local auto electrician - back in July...

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