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A6 Brake Upgrades?

A6FanUK Jun 15, 2006

  1. A6FanUK

    A6FanUK New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a cost-effective "stage 1" brake upgrade for my A6 (1.9TDi, 2002). I'm running OEM 17" rims.

    It's only a road car, so I'm thinking just new front discs and pads at the moment. Can anyone recommend brands to look at? I assume I could leave the rears as standard, provided they are in good nick.

    What do people do for "stage 2"? Are there any preferred kits out there that include new front calipers and discs? And does this affect the brake bias?

    I've heard (another forum) that with ABS fitted, you don't have to worry about front/rear bias if you just upgrade the fronts. Is that just an old wives tale?

  2. Fruit and VAG

    Fruit and VAG New Member

    I have used some online company up north (Yorkshire) for stock-like replacement brakes and 2 front discs and 4 pads was under £100. They were made by Apex which is what I think is the OEM supplier on non-sport models.

    I would try and preserve your rear/front brake bias to prevent you getting in a spin if possible, as well as not give your insurance company any loopholes to use if you have an accident.

    I would not go half way on upgrading brakes. Do it one time for what you will need. If you race, go Alcon, but if you want added stopping power for road use and drive like you stole it, then Brembo/Porsche brakes are probably all you will need. I dont know a UK supplier for an A6, but Dahlback Racing of Sweden does a massive range that will fit. You may need to move to 18 or 19 inch rims though.

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