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A6 Avant

Discussion in 'RS6 Forum' started by imported_ndrummond, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Having recently seen the new A6 Avant, I have to say that I am well impressed by its dynamicas and by the way it looks. The Avant styling is very sleek IMHO and so much better than the 5-Series. What makes it even more desirable is that I just heard it scored 5 Stars in NCAP testing versus the 4 stars gained by the 5-Series. Just add a 5.2 litre V-10 with bi-turbos churning out a creamy 600 bhp and you will have the definitive Q-car. Even before the next RS6 arrives, I'm pretty confident that an A6 with a V-8 would be pretty good. Does anybody have a V-8 A6 saloon and if so what is it like?
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  3. bbigman2000

    bbigman2000 Mugello Blue RS6 Saloon 03

    Sep 30, 2006
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    Do you think they will make a new Rs6 ? Im not so sure, they may well make a special edition though.

    Also its unlikley they will turbo the V10
  4. marmite

    marmite Counting the Tesco Club points

    Jul 20, 2006
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    The 4.2 A6 is lovely old an dnew shape..!!
    S6 is lovely but lacks the rawness of the RS6..I wouldn't swap mine for the new S6..I like the running lights at the front though

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