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A6 Avant - what brake/suspension upgrades?

Magman Dec 12, 2009

  1. Magman

    Magman New Member

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade the brakes and suspension on my 1.9TDi Avant.

    It already has 18in S-line alloys and the Sport suspension option, but I'd like to firm things up, without making the ride unbearable. I've heard Koni FSDs are good, as are KW Variants? Or should I just fit Eibach springs with the standard Sport inserts?

    I need to bin the horrible Chinese tyres, so has anyone got any good tyre recommendations?

    Re brakes, can anyone recommend a good upgrade to discs and pads all round? Is there a common upgrade to grooved discs from Brembo or the like?

    Finally, what's the best ECU remap available for this engine?

    Thanks in advance!

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