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A6 Avant, Multitronic probs - to keep or not to keep...?

grayman Dec 10, 2009

  1. grayman

    grayman New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to Audi and to forums so bare with me. I've just bought an A6 Avant 2.5 TDI, 2002, this car is something I've been researching and dreaming about for a long time. After looking at a good few, good bad and ugly, I finally found exactly what I wanted. I was absolutely delighted, lovely car.

    To cut a long story short, I did one long trip in it, no probs (although the revving before moving thing phased me slightly), on the next trip I noticed what I now know to be classic Multitronic problems, slight judder at take-off at low revs, that got me seeking wisdom from forums, etc. Next was from cold, no initial movement in reverse followed by low rev-to-movement ratio and now that I'm tuned into the problem I realise that when cruising at speed on a smooth surface, what feels like going over very small rumble strips could also be a symptom... of course I now cringe at every 'low-rev' judder.

    I now know the ECU was replaced 15K miles ago, as far as I know the gearbox oil has been changed when required, I have a full service history (but with one, "non-Audi" service in there), I have Audi receipts going back 4 years but no further.

    I've taken advice from Main Dealers, Indi's and gearbox specialists, it seems the Audi "good-will"(!) will not be offered due to the service imperfection and lack of receipts, the 6 to 7 plate mod seems expensive and not guaranteed to give a 100% safe g/b and will leave the car at the same value rather than being worth £xxxx more.

    I have read that cleaning the wheel hub sensor might help and that is a job I intend doing. I have noticed that when driving using the manual changing of gear, the problem doesn't appear. I also noticed when driving in this manner compared to in pure auto, the auto side of the gearbox seems to change up through the gears very early i.e. when I would be in 1st or 2nd max, the auto is in 3rd, it occurred to me that if you did this in a manual car it would put alot of pressure on the clutch, especially with a very torquey engine such as this. Any thoughts??

    Anyway, my point and my question to you all; should I keep the car and get it fixed at great expense and bearing in mind my budget was to buy a car, not to buy and fix, or, while it's showing only mild symptoms, cut my losses and get something else...??? (obviously buying second-hand is always gonna be a somewhat of a gamble). I must say I'm erring towards getting shot of it at the moment (well, thats what the wife's telling me to think anyway!!).

    I would be very grateful for your input and suggestions as you lot know alot more about these things than me.
  2. amimmortal

    amimmortal Member

    I just had my first multitronic service at 38000 miles done by the local VAG approved dealer, and afterwards I've noticed an occasional delay in the reverse gear. This tends only to happen when cold.

    I don't have any other problems, and to be honest it's very smooth and responsive to adjustments I make to the throttle as I'm driving.

    The car had a non Audi approved long life service at Star Performance in Kirkcaldy, however their service should not affect warranty as the service was conducted as per the audi schedule and genuine audi parts etc were used.

    With my car, having very low miles for its age, and in very good condition, if my multitronic box was to fail, I would seek legal assistance if necessary to force Audi to cover some (if not all) of the costs for repair.

    If you decide to sell your car before these problems become pronounced, try checking webuyanycar.com. They valued mine at £9260 last month, and it only cost me £9500 11 months ago. If the car works ok on the day they come to look at it, you might get away with it ;-)

    Keep us posted on how you get on.


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