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A6 Avant C5 Chassis Auto Locking Problem

delirious Dec 6, 2009

  1. delirious

    delirious New Member

    Hi All,

    Got a bit of a problem developed over the last few days.

    When I accelerate up above 10-15mph, the anti hi-jack auto locking locks all the doors as it has always done. However, when I drop below 10-15mph i.e. when I come to a junction or traffic lights, then accelerate back up again, the car tries to activate the anti hi-jack auto locking. I've done a vag-com scan and have the following error on the central locking module:-

    Address 35: Centr. Locks Labels: 4B0-962-258.lbl
    Part No: 4B0 962 258 K
    Component: Zentralverrieg.,DWA D35
    Coding: 07087
    Shop #: WSC 00337

    1 Fault Found:
    01560 - Passenger Door
    58-00 - Can't Lock - Intermittent

    This error has been there for a little while - certainly longer than my anti hi-jack problem. And strangely, all the doors do lock every time!

    I've checked the central locking module in the passenger footwell and the module and pod it's mounted in appear dry, although there was a little puddle of water where the cable enters the pod. I've dried the cable and the footwell of the car thoroughly, but still the problem persists? I must admit, I haven't taken the module out and removed the PCB to check for damage - that's my next job.

    Apologies for the long posting - Can anyone shed any light?

    Cheers, A frustrated Audi Owner.

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