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A6 Avant 2.5Tdi SE 150bhp severe vibration judders

tedzwedz Sep 30, 2004

  1. tedzwedz

    tedzwedz New Member

    Hi there,

    Im new to this!

    Ive had my Audi a long time now, its on 180,000miles a year as i do 30K a year on average, i love it to bits, the torque is great and it will regularily hit 130mph downhill on open stretches. It is a 1995 model, of teh shape before teh more rounded just replaced current shape.

    However, the steering is certainly not like it used to be, there is quite a bit of feedback through teh wheel that could certainly not be called positive whilst driving, and on motorway corners there is often what can only be described as violent shaking of the wheel and car even from the front wheels, especially the left from memory.

    The brakes suffer because of this vibration, in the sense that the wheels they are stopping are shaking.

    I have actually had the bearing replaced as this was making a different type of vibration, my mechanic says that its the tracking thats wrong, however once before i had this an dhad a part replaced (for a bout 35£ a side), but i cant remember what that was called!

    It had bent slightly i think from memory, could have been called a CV link or something i think!!???

    If anyone has an idea what it could be please help!
  2. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    if the vibration happens at speed it is more likely to be either balancing of the wheels, or a buckled wheel rim.

    if the vibration happens when you are slowing down, ie using the brakes then it will be warped brake disks.

    easy way to check the CV joints is to drive slowly in a tight circle at low speed. you will hear a clunking or ticking sound coming from the wheels.

    another item to check is to make sure the driveshaft nuts are tight!

    If your wheel alignment is out really badly then you could also get a shuddering through the car.

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