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  1. johnny1953

    johnny1953 New Member

    Hi,thinking of buying A6 Allroad? what should I look for and are they as unreliable engine wise etc as I am hearing.
    Have seen one with 102,000 full history and looks good just need some advice.
  2. kid-jensen

    kid-jensen New Member


    Check for the Tiptronic changing smoothly and at the right revs under a light throttle. Full throttle changes should hit the red-line without any hesitation. Manual tiptronic changing is a waste of a good automatic.

    Check that the suspension doesn't sag at any corer when left overnight. If it does, and the pump manages to regain suspension height, the Air spring is most likely leaking, the pump burning out will intvitably follow. If the suspension doesn't pump up, it's already happened.

    Shock absorbers (Dampers) don't damp very well on every high mileage Allroad I've driven, they may be that way from new for all I know....

    Check for knocks on front suspension over bumps, Top Control Arms are a common MOT failure.

    Check Aircon Gets cold

    Check Engine doesn't (blue) smoke at Startup

    Check Cambelt has been changed every 80K miles

    Check the mileage is in line with general condition, they are often clocked.

    Check you get a Spare key, >£160 at the Dealer.

    Check for off-road damage underneath.

    Alloys are expensive to renovate, so check it hasn't been driven by a woman.

    Don't expect the Diesel engine to be smooth, (except at speed) it IS a Diesel, after all.

    If you buy one that ticks all the above boxes, you've got a very rare beast indeed...
  3. Watty

    Watty ..... (_!_) Sarah's A3s #1 Fan

    Yep, I'd agree with that....
    Lovely motor's though..., although I went for the standard 2.5 Tdi Quattro and not the Allroad, so I wouldn't have the air suspension worries...
  4. KenS

    KenS New Member

    I live in Ireland and have a 2003 2.5 TDi from new. It has covered 135k miles. Besides the normal oil services every 10k miles or so (around €300 euro from a mail dealer), I've done the following:

    - Two front air springs failed and replaced (one at 80k and other at 100k miles - €500 each from a dealer. There are cheaper alternatives from Arnott Industries in the US that have received good reviews.
    - Aircon radiator fan failed - €300 from dealer
    - Front pads are expensive - around €120 for fronts and they last around 20k miles. You can get non OEM cheaper which some say are better. I was lucky enough to own a 1996 911 at one stage. The pads for the 911 were half the price of the Allroad[​IMG]
    - Control arms (top and bottom) and track rod ends - started to go around 100k miles. Budget around €1,500 to have them replaced including labour at a specialist. There are non OEM replacements available that are cheaper and have received good reviews.
    - Shocks - I think mine are due as the ride is getting very bouncy. €€€ from a main dealer, but Arnott have Bilstein replacements at $799 for all four not including labour. May try these.
    - From a diesel perspective, oil leaks are not uncommon when the engine ages. I have one that looks like the sump gasket that I need to get checked. Hopefully won't be too expensive to get fixed.
    - As was mentioned, timing belt on diesel needs to be done every 80k miles - around €1k from a dealer. Specialist will do for around €600.

    If you are buying, make sure you buy a good one (goes without saying). Get the car checked by a mechanic if possible. It's not unusual for a car to get put on the market just before some major work like a timing belt is due. Check for this and use it to bargain.

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