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A6 Allroad Ignition Key - doesn't switch off systems when pulled out

deskboy231 Feb 28, 2010

  1. deskboy231

    deskboy231 New Member

    I have recently bought a 2006 Allroad 2.7TDi. One problem I'm having is is if you pull the ignition key out gently all the systems stay on, the steering doesn't lock and you can't lock the car. If you pull the key out quickly or with a bit of a twist it works fine. Can anyone tell me 1) if this is a common A6 problem and 2) how can it be fixed? My local non-franchised Audi specialist put some lock lube in (no effect) and made unwelcome noises about a whole new steering column assembly. Ouch!

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. kid-jensen

    kid-jensen New Member

    hi, Just sounds like a worn lock to me..

    Maybe the other key would be ok? Or a new one cut from the Code, rather than by copying the old one....

    If not, it may not matter so long as you can actually switch off everything OK with an acquired "key-extraction" technique. There's not a lot of security added by the key, mainly it's the immobiliser in the key body that stops someone else driving off with it.

    Can't see the point oin replacing the lock unless tie alternative is letting the car tick-over 24/7...

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