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A6 4.2 V8 Avant..........what to look for?

Stuart Piper Apr 9, 2013

  1. Stuart Piper

    Stuart Piper New Member

    Hi, newbie post so be kind!!

    Am looking to purchase a 2000 Vintage A6 4.2 V8, currently have MB E320 Cdi, but as this is used purely for weekend use, i fancied something different. Now its not gonna be new, but i has been looked after, has fsh most VAG but later ones are indies, currently 120k on the clock, but does seem to be a tidy example. The price is silly, obviously no one wants a thirsty V8, but i will only be doing 6k a year, and most of that will be trips out and towing our caravan (yes stone me if you must but it does have a very useful 4wd for when things get slippery, where our current E class IS useless here)
    Now mpg is not going to be great, some people talk about 24mpg as an average, i'm 40+ so not a nutcase, but do enjoy the odd spirited drive.
    Why a V8, simply the power, the joy of the drive and the sound. No matter what i do to my diesel, it will always sound like a diesel!
    hopefully someone can offer me a general input of their reliability and what to be looking for?
    many thanks

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