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A6 4.2 Quattro Buying Advice

Ben9377 Apr 6, 2008

  1. Ben9377

    Ben9377 New Member

    Hi All

    New to the Forums and currently own a highly modified Vectra C Diesel, but have got a real hankering after a 4.2 V8 A6 Quattro.

    What do i need to look for when buying one..

    Any common faults?
    What to avoid??
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    This is one i am considering

    Its on Autotrader too.
  2. djl78

    djl78 New Member

    Looks like a nice motor.Mileage shouldn't be a prob.I would check the FSH,get details of which dealer did servicing and verify by phone.Definitely do a test drive and check for any suspension knocking/creaking.Power delivery should be smooth and should not really smoke under acceleration or start up.Make certain the aircon is functioning and look for any evidence of water ingress in the passenger foot well (Common problem caused by plenum chamber cover or pollen filter housing damage,also the drain under battery can block).I'm sure there are other areas that someone else can think of.
    Main thing is to test drive and get a good feel of the car.Parts and spares aren't cheap so maybe get a professional inspection carried out.

  3. 8cylinder

    8cylinder Member

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago and u will not regret stumping up the cash for it.
    Great cars.:respekt:
  4. APT

    APT New Member

    I had one of these & it was B E A UTIFUL. I was lucky to have a metallic black one with full cream leather recaro interior. BUT! & it's a big BUT. I had a tiptronic gearbox with button on the steering wheel, and the gearbox went. It only had 70000miles on the clock. It cost me £1600 at a so called audi gearbox specialist who did more bad than wrong. They had the box out 3 times before it was sorted. Even when i sold it (with the box still uder warranty) I felt that there was still a problem with it. Other than that it's a great car which although it has 300bhp still could do with a remap to push power up that little bit more so it'll nearly be on par with an S6. ( i know a bloke who can do it PM me) Oh and the tiptronic boxes can be chipped aswell to make the gearbox change better somehow. Oh and if you decide to change the wheels, apparently the RS6 1's will not fit. They are 9j wide and the offset is different. I did manage to get a set of 8.5j RS6 rep wheels with the correct offset and they looked fantastic.

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