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A6 4.2 Programmable features

- Jan 10, 2003

  1. Guest

    Tom I can't hear the pumps working, but I can't believe that both headlamp and windscreen have gone at the same time. I have checked the fuses and all are OK, I think the water may be frozen solid in the pumps, as they failed as I was driving back to germany and the tempreture really dropped to like -10, plus wind speed of about 100mph, and I think the anti freeze was proberbly to week for these tempretures. Do you think this is possible?
  2. KillJoy

    KillJoy New Member

    I just visited my friendly Audi Dealer (Stammler Imports - Boulder, CO). Got a new key and they programmed the 5mph auto-lock, as well as the all windows up & Lock / all windows down & Unlock from the remote feature. Last night I programmed the remote key to Seat Memory feature for both keys. Are there any other cool programmable features for the A6??

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